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October 13, 2008

Protein Pancakes

*From Ann Evans

This is an awesome recipe. I have never MEASURED anything out so you can always add more applesauce if the pancake is a little dry.

1 package of plain instant oatmeal
2 egg whites
1 scoop of protein powder
2 T applesauce [no sugar added]
Splash of vanilla flavoring [optional]
2 T blueberries or raspberries [optional]

Put all of this together in a bowl, with the exception of the 2 T blueberries or raspberries
Mix together and then fold in the 2 T blueberries or raspberries.
Use Pam butter spray to coat pan, poor in batter and cook like you would a pancake [takes longer to cook than a pancake because the contents are denser].
Top with “I can’t believe it’s not butter” spray and a teaspoon of sugar free maple syrup. Enjoy!

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